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Our coaches


Stephen and Delphine, the only two coaches of the French Tennis Academy, together represent 35 years of experience in high performance and youth training and 30 years of experience in France Interclub Championship.

Always in search of perfection and passionate about what is done at a very high level, Stephen and Delphine are also trained in "The Nadal method", thanks to the World Mastery. AFT coaches have at their disposal Toni Nadal's training program, which offers everything he has learned, created and developed at the technical, tactical, strategic and pedagogical level.

Delphine BENOIT

  • mental coach (graduated from the University of Clermont-Ferrand)
  • owner of BEES 2nd degree tennis
  • former WTA player (800th)
  • assistant coach, Pole Hopes Pays de la Loire for 8 years (1999-2007)


  • coach ATP, level B (GPTCA : Global Professional Tennis Coach Association)
  • owner of BEES 2nd degree tennis
  • federal League Pays de la Loire Coach for 7 years (2000-2007)
  • regional Coordinator of the physical preparation of the League of Pays de la Loire for 5 years (2002-2007)
  • physical trainer of Alexandra FUSAI (former 37th WTA singles and 6th WTA doubles, Fed Cup winner) in 2002
  • physical trainer of Skander Mansouri (38th ITF) in 2013
  • STAPS Bachelors Degree

Adaptation and determination are the qualities that inspire our coaches Stephen and Delphine:

  • adaptation taking into consideration the player with its strengths and weaknesses
  • determination by giving everyone a chance to succeed, by welcoming it at the Academy and sharing the wish to progress day by day.

Stephen: "Our strength is the complementarity of our binomial."

Delphine: "We do our best for each player. The individualization is the key."

Stephen: "We inculcate the culture of effort. Sports and school results are just the reflection of progress."

Delphine: "Whatever the level and the project, we are involved at 100% in the athlete's project."