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The sports training at the Academy

Tennis training

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The French Tennis Academy strongly believes in individualization as the top sport is made of atypical, personalized and unique career. Because of this, the main objective is to personalize education and training.

Each morning, a medical evaluation is established that sets the schedule for each day. By individualizing each session and intervention, the priority is that everyone can optimize the time spent on the tennis court.

Subsequently, the performance will be the result of the perseverance and thoroughness of each player. Of course, we work daily on the technical and tactical bases but also working on each sequence of play and mental qualities of the competition player.

Physical training


It is Stephen who is in charge of the physical preparation. At different times of the year (training, maintenance, recovery), the sequences take place on the athletics track, tennis court, in the weights room or outdoors.

As soon October, a thorough medical checkup with VO2max test is the starting point for quality programming and thus, personalized.

Mental training

By her diploma of "mental preparation and helps athletic performance", it's Delphine who is in charge of individual monitoring of youth. If each tennis training, mental concepts are discussed, such as the management score, managing emotions, concentration, trust... each player also has the option of requesting an individual work, off the field. Thus, according to the demands, we work for example on the attitude, the notions of success and failure or the introduction of routine performance.