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Summer tour: objectives

  • Looking for a structure that takes care of everything?
  • You're ready to put everything on your side to win?
  • You are ready to play many matches?
  • You wish the presence of a competent and invested coach?

The summer tour is generally positioned the first half of July. It allows to immerse players in a professional atmosphere for 15 days. All have a common goal: getting results.

The 2024 tour will take place from July 6 to 20.



Benefit # 1

We take care of everything. Once registered player (signed contract and deposit paid), you have nothing more to do. The coaches of the French Tennis Academy takes care of everything:

  • selection of tournaments and general programming
  • quality accommodation in house
  • lifestyle (hydration, nutrition, sleep), warm up ...
  • management of meal times and dietetics of the sportsman
  • training recovery (hours lying, stretching, hydration, food ...)
  • review after each game (with potential use of video) and establishment of goals match after match to change the level of play

Benefit # 2

Being in a professional mood.

The only two coaches of the Academy are Stephen Benoit-Kerveillant and his wife Delphine Benoit. Both BE2, Stephen is also "Coach ATP". They have over 40 years of experience in training, education and support for young players. In addition, they are both university graduates in specialties athletic performance: Stephen in physical preparation and Delphine in mental preparation.

Benefit # 3

Play a maximum of matches.

The primary objective for us is that each player can participate in a maximum of tournaments and play a maximum of matches. If necessary, we are looking at the last minute to include the athlete in additional competition.

For example, in 2019, one player participated in 7 tournaments in 15 days, while another played only 4 for a total of 18 matches.


Summer tour

Two options are available to you, only in "all inclusive":

  • a formula day
  • a formula "full tour"

The cost of the tour, whatever its duration, includes all costs of organization, logistics, commitments in tournaments, monitoring and coaching. No additional costs is to be envisaged, except if necessary train ticket (train station Montparnasse, Paris).

Please feel free to contact us for more information.