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School curriculum of the French Tennis Academy


For young people who are still in school, choose the French Tennis Academye is moving towards a dual project : tennis and studies.

Each student has a personal account at CNED (cned360), where there are listed homework, notes, important dates, tools available ...). This account must allow parents to follow their child's work very closely. Thus, the family remains fully associated with the project so that schooling remains a success and that it can offer the best guarantees for the future life.

Obtaining Bac via C.N.E.D. allows to be accepted on dossier in the major schools on request.


Thus, a minimum of 19 hours per week of school work is compulsory. They can be cumulated by 4h of work, the evening after the dinner. Annual school planning and sending homework is individualized. It was established at the start of the year with the coaches. These follow the progress of work and record the results to draw up balance sheets sent to families.

Tutoring is also organized once a month in a school in Laval, an institution specialized in academic support and exam preparation.

During the final year, the Academy helps those wishing to go to American university, by proposing contacts and managing the video to send to the University.