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Registration forms

A full season at the Academy

The French Tennis Academy opens its doors to all players who want a unique experience in a professional atmosphere. Our results for more than 15 years now have allowed many players to be negative, to access the professional circuit, to integrate American universities with 100% scholarships or to continue their studies in France while benefiting from schedules arranged see exemptions according to schools and faculties.

The French Tennis Academy proposes a full board including:

  • the tennis training
  • physical preparation
  • mental preparation
  • the daily school monitoring and support in an institution
  • medical monitoring (daily report, doctor, physiotherapist and specialists as needed)
  • accommodation in single or double room
  • meals (dietary sports)
  • the accompanying competition (6-10 tournaments supported by the Academy, excluding registration cost)
  • the annual schedule of the competitions
  • individual reports
  • individual reports on a collaborative platform: Ax Tennis
  • transport from the train station to the Academy

Week of preparation and training


Whether your goal is to train yourself, to relax, to take stock on your tennis and your sports project, to prepare for a deadline, to establish a physical training and /or mental program or to "test "life in the French Tennis Academy, you can join us for a week, in a complete immersion, full board.

By integrating the group, your schedule will be individualized to better fit your expectations.

Competition coaching


The coaching relationship often allows to save time in learning.

Here, you have the possibility to come into competition with our coach, and usually with other players of the training center.

Mental coaching


Whatever your activity (tennis or not), Delphine offers you mental coaching sessions.

From a starting assessment, Delphine establishes a training program to increase performance through the development of mental qualities.

The monitoring is performed following the signature of a code of ethics and can be done on site or remotely.


The French Tennis Academy is a training center offering a complete formula among the cheapest in the market (training, education, accommodation, catering, monitoring competition, transportation …).

Delphine BENOIT : « Some may think that "less is less." However our sports and school results prove the quality of our work and our coaching. We can offer lower prices than our competitors for two reasons. First of all because we live in the Academy like a big family. But also, and foremost, because we limit the number of coaches in the training of the athlete. »

Stephen BENOIT : « To join the Academy, you must apply by submitting a pre-registration file including the signed contract, a deposit check, the last 3 school reports and a motivation letter. This can be done throughout the year. The Academy makes its integration list official during the first half of June, for a maximum of 8 to 10 places. »

If you are interested in any of our formulas, contact us today to know the prices.

Do not hesitate: each situation is studied. We are available 7 days on 7 and in case of unavailability to meet you, we will call you back quickly.