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The schedule of our Academy

The weekly program is adapted daily. It is individualized in intensity and volume. An adjustment is also made according to the tennis competitions and school performance: The aim is to preserve the physical and moral integrity of the player.

From monday morning to friday noon, the timetable is therefore divided between sporting niches and school slots, according to the following model:

  • 13 hrs minimum tennis training, in individualized group or individually
  • 8:00 hrs of physical preparation
  • 5 slots for individual mental preparation, at the request of the athletes, by appointment
  • 21 hours of schoolwork, including 9 hours of supervised study, plus evening slots

Changes can be made to the distribution of slots, taking into account the individual physical condition, the progress of school work, the merit linked to the investment, as well as the possible needs of the moment.

During the first training period (September-October), a list of objectives in each of the essential areas (technical, tactical, physical, mental) is established on a platform dedicated to the monitoring of each player: Ax Tennis. The programming is deposited and adjusted as and when. The photos and videos are also transferred there. The results of the physical tests are recorded on this same platform. Each athlete has a personal account and can be an actor of his training.

The weekly schedule of our Academy:


The monitoring in competition

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  • academie-francaise-tennis-schedule-4
  • academie-francaise-tennis-schedule-5
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Observe the tennis player during an official match is the most reliable way to assess his level of play, his attitude, his strengths and weaknesses and progress. For these reasons, the French Tennis Academy begins its tracking tournaments accompanied in September. This also will help players to close their season.

For these reasons, the French Tennis Academy begins its follow-up in accompanied tournaments in September and continues throughout the year. Thus, from September to June, each player is followed during 6 to 10 tournaments, which allows to follow the evolution of the player reliably. During these competitions, the French Tennis Academy pays all fees, excluding registration fees.