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The schedule of our Academy

The weekly program is adapted daily. It is individualized in intensity and volume. An adjustment is also made according to the tennis competitions and school performance: The aim is to preserve the physical and moral integrity of the player.

After the first training period, an annual goals sheet is established. The competitions are scheduled throughout the year and a video monitoring and physical tests are also implemented.

Is also implemented:

The weekly schedule of our Academy:


Download our weekly schedule: PDF | .zip

The monitoring in competition

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Observe the tennis player during an official match is the most reliable way to assess his level of play, his attitude, his strengths and weaknesses and progress. For these reasons, the French Tennis Academy begins its tracking tournaments accompanied in September. This also will help players to close their season.

For these reasons, the French Tennis Academy begins its follow-up in accompanied tournaments in September and continues throughout the year. Thus, from September to June, each player is followed during 6 to 10 tournaments, which allows to follow the evolution of the player reliably. During these competitions, the French Tennis Academy pays all fees, excluding registration fees.